Double Unders jump rope seminars for Crossfitters

Double Unders Seminar

It’s all in the timing.

A double under involves two rotations of the rope for a single jump. When double unders are performed consecutively, they challenge stamina, strength, coordination, rhythm, and timing, which makes them a coveted move for all athletes. Since 2012, Tim and Shana have led double unders seminars at more than 70 CrossFits in 13 states. The 2.5 hour seminar centers on Haft and Brady’s easy-to-follow 4-step methodology and incorporates many simple, practical drills that improve all aspects of rope jumping.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s easy and hassle-free. Download our Double Unders Seminar Hosting Guidelines and follow the simple instructions. If you have questions, call Tim Haft at 646-654-0668 or email
No. Everybody is welcome.
  • Custom-sized Punk Rope plastic speed rope
  • Custom-sized Punk Rope wrist trainer
  • Rope jumping instruction E-book
  • Video analysis of rope jumping technique using Coach’s Eye
Wear comfortable workout clothes and sneakers (we prefer flat-soled, minimal-style shoes). Bring a notebook and pen in case you want to take notes. You’re welcome to bring and use your own jump rope, however you will be given a custom-sized Punk Rope plastic speed rope at the seminar.
Seminars are listed here. If there are no Double Unders Seminars scheduled in your area, consider asking your facility to host one. Click here to download the Double Unders Seminar hosting guidelines.
You can transfer your registration to a friend or colleague.
  • How to select the right rope for you
  • How to size your rope
  • Correct rope jumping mechanics
  • Punk Rope’s 4-step method
  • How to perfect single jumps
  • How to correct common errors such as donkey kicks, piking, tucking, dropped hands, stray elbows, and faulty timing,
  • How to perform continuous double unders
  • How to devise an individualized training plan
Thanks to your coaching, I have gone from zero double unders to a current record of 20! Doubles were the number one thing I struggled with at CrossFit so I am really, really pleased.
Richard Lloyd
I took your double unders seminar and did what you suggested. On my first day using your approach I broke my previous record by 15 jumps. And today, I PRd again with 50 consecutive doubles!
Anne-Michele Eisenstein
I can’t thank you enough for what I learned at the seminar! The key to success is persistence, but the real key is to learn from someone who knows how to do things the right way.
Srini Mudambi
You and Shana were awesome instructors; knowledgeable, friendly, and so patient with everyone! I would recommend your clinic to anyone who wants to get better at performing double unders.
Tim Gagne, Owner, Bay State CrossFit